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Leila Haddad Oriental Dance

The extraordinary Tunisian-born Leila Haddad, one of the world’s premier Oriental dancers, performs traditional dances of the little-known Ghawazee (Gypsies) …284


Belly dance/ raqs sharki "tabeeb Garah" رقص شرقى

A remake of the song Tabeeb garah originaly sang by george wassouf.358


gesca solo raqs sharqi – classic bellydance

music sahran annil choreography by gesca summer 2014 , monteroni, Lecce.342


Fortuna Belly Dance – Raqs sharqi

Wykonanie: Magdalena Fortuna Choreografia: Elena Lesyk Muzyka: ‘Habibi ya nour el ain’103


Dance du Soleil Columbus Egyptian Raqs Sharqi Students

Dance du Soleil Egyptian Raqs Sharqi students performing to the iconic song, Alf Leyla wa Leyla. Choreography by Leyla Soleil.278


Relaxing Chill Out Arabic Music mix HD

CHECK MORE BELLYDANCE MUSIC – [removed] – NEW Arabic Raqs Sharqi MUSIC HD – [removed] – NEW Raqs …377


Lisa Raqs Sharqi Bellydance at Ya Helwa V

Lisa performs Raqs Sharqi as a guest at Rahel’s 5th annual Ya Helwa showcase, June 12th, 2016 at the Rickshaw Theatre in Vancouver BC. [removed]216


Maya Raqs Sharqi Guest Performance Part 1 at Bellydance Trophies Competition

Welcome to the Belly Dance Trophies Competition Based in London, from November 2011 to July 2012, the Bellydance Trophies aims to recognize in a fair and …286


Rahel Raqs Sharqi (Bellydance) at Ya Helwa V Part 1.1

Rahel performs Raqs Sharqi to Maddah, tarab by Abdel Halim Hafiz in the first part of her first set at her 5th annual bellydance showcase "Ya Helwa" on June 12, …264


Aviva dances Raqs Sharqi at Ya Helwa V

Aviva, a semi professional bellydancer and founding member of Rahel’s Helwa Dancers, performs Raqs Sharqi at Rahel’s 5th annual bellydance showcase "Ya …192